Roxana Amarilla

Director of the Traditional Artisan Market of Argentina.

Roxana Amarilla is a mother, social communicator, and cultural promoter. She currently serves as the director of MARTA (Mercado de Artesanías Tradicionales de Argentina – Traditional Artisan Market of Argentina) which forms a part of Argentina’s Ministry of Culture. She has coordinated the publication of three books: Bandoleros Rurales Correntinos (2002 – Rural Robbers of Corrientes by various authors), Arte indígena en tiempos del bicentenario with text by María Alba Bovisio (2011 – Indigenous Art During the Times of the Bicentenial), as well as El derecho de los pueblos originarios (2013 The Right of Indigenous Peoples) by Eulogio Frites. Roxana has also curated a number of exhibits, including: “Muestra Federal de Artesanías del Bicentenario” (Federal Handicraft Showing of the Bicentenial); “Redes atrapando mundos” (Nets Capturing Worlds) in Galicia, Spain; “Bienvenidos a Quitilipi” (Welcome to Quitilipi) in Buenos Aires and Chaco with photography by Ariel Steinberg and artwork by Mocoví, Wich’í y Qom artists; “Legado vivo” (Live Arrival) with Maorí and Wich’í artists in conjunction with the New Zealand Maori Arts and Crafts Institute; and “La primera máscara” (The First Mask) with the Tutiaty Chané community of Campo Durán. Roxana has often mediated the blend between the traditional and modern on the catwalk, most recently in the latest edition of BAFWeek, and frequently facilitates the participation of traditional artisans in various fairs, conferences, and other events. She independently supports various projects that revalue traditional and modern arts and crafts, and frequently contributes to the artisanal sector through presentations to congresses, conferences and other events. Roxana is a member of the Unidad Técnica Nacional del RENATRA – Registro Nacional de Artesanías Textiles de la Argentina (National Technical Unit of RENATRA – National Registry of Textile Artisans of Argentina).