Doña Maxima Cortez

Associate member of the Huancarani Center of Craftwork.

Maxima is also from Huancarani, Bolivia, a small rural community of the Cordillera Oriental in the Andes mountain range. Her parents sent her to the city of Oruro for elementary schooling, but she left in her third year because she wanted to be with her mother who taught her to spin and weave. Maximo has spent 13 years of her life in the community of Huancarani; she has five children and five grandchildren. She taught her two daughters to weave, and one now lives in the city of Independencia where she works as a weaver selling her textile art. In 2008 Maxima began working with Dorinda Dutcher, an American living in Independencia, and other weavers from Huancarani to preserve their textile patrimony; the Handicraft Club in Independencia works to capacitate women and girls in a a variety of fiber arts. Since 2014, Maxima has served as the leader of the Spinzilla team with ClothRoads Warmis Pushkadores (Women Spinners). Maxima, along with Dorinda, work together to widen sales venues for the weavers of Huancarani both locally and abroad. Through the sale of their textiles, Maxima, Dorinda and the weavers of Huancarani are working to provide a livable income for their families.