USA- Navajo Nation- Lynda Pete

Two Grey Hills Tapestry Weaver Lynda Teller Pete was born into the Tabaaha (Water Edge Clan) and born for the To’aheedliinii (Two Waters Flow Together Clan). On a yearly basis, her family took up residence behind the Two Grey Hills Trading Post, where her father worked as a Trader and her mother demonstrated weaving. Weaving is a legacy in the Teller family and as a child Lynda learned through observation. As the youngest child in a family of weavers, Lynda was raised in an atmosphere that encouraged creativity. Weaving was viewed as a “way of life,” and weaving lessons were mandatory. Lynda won her first weaving award at age twelve, and went on to win many more. While she attended Arizona State University Lynda relied on weaving to pay for tuition and books. Her mother also sold rugs to offset college costs. After college, and a 20 year weaving hiatus, Lynda re-focused on weaving as a priority and went on to win a string of awards: First Place at the Santa Fe Indian Market in the Textile Category in 2004, 2006, 2011 and 2013, Best of Division, Best of Classification in 2011, 2012, First places in 2016, and Second place in 2017. Lynda collaborates with museums, schools, guilds and other art venues to teach the public about Navajo Weaving. Along with her sister, Barbara Teller Ornellis, she has taught Navajo Weaving across the United States.