Ligia Elena Gómez Chavaloc

Documentary Showing: Wild Shepherdess
6:45 pm – 8:00 pm, Nov 10th
Saqsayhuaman Conference Room

Ligia Gómez is originally from Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. She joined the Peruvian non-profit Threads of Peru in December 2016 bringing with her years of experience working with artisan groups and learning about traditional textiles in her home country. With Threads of Peru, Ligia has focused her work and skills on quality control, customer service and artisan relations. After working with two different cultural organizations, her commitment to supporting the preservation of traditions has only increased. This commitment brought her to Peru with the desire to learn and experience a new culture through its ancestral textiles. Ligia identifies herself as Maya K’iche, one of the largest indigenous communities of Guatemala. Her heritage has allowed her to understand and witness firsthand the challenges that her culture, and many others, face. She believes that people hold in their hands a great opportunity to learn about where their everyday clothing comes from and who makes it. Ligia holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and International Trade and is a native Spanish speaker fluent in English.