Cristina Bubba

Q’ipi Ceremonial Textiles from Coroma
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm, Nov 9th
Ollantaytambo Conference Room

Cristina is licensed in Social Psychology and has worked in many different Research Centers such as HISBOL, the Bolivian Institute of Social History. Her work with villages and indigenous communities have centered mainly in the Coroma ayllu, located in the providence of Qujarro of the region of Potosi, Bolivia. Cristina was named representative of these ayllu in order to support the conservation, investigation and recovery of textiles that were illegally trafficked to countries in the North. After many years of litigation, legal processes and changes in national laws, she was able to recover a very important batch of textiles from the United States, which were returned to its original ayllu. This repatriation marked a milestone in the history of Bolivian cultural heritage making it the first time that Bolivia recovered part of its trafficked cultural heritage. Through a documentary she produced, Cristina was able to spread awareness about the importance of protecting textiles as national heritage. She has received many awards for her work on the protected rights of textiles. She is fluent in Quechua, Spanish and German, and speaks some Aymara.