Naty Muñoz Olivos

Fashion Show: Noabo (Us) – Memory, Tradition and Fashion
6:45 pm – 8:00 pm, Nov 11th
Machu Picchu Conference Room

Naty Muñoz is a clothing and textile designer who specializes in knit and traditional textile art. For twenty years she has worked with alpaca fiber, a variety of cotton types, and other mixtures of natural fibers for her collections. Naty explores the possibilities and versatility of these fibers, using them in different artisanal and industrial knitting techniques. Her work to recover and promote traditional Peruvian textile techniques has garnered various awards, and she has presented her collections on the catwalks of Paris as a special guest of the Ethical Fashion Show Paris and the Alliance Française of Paris. Naty has completed studies in conservation and restauration of pre-Hispanic textiles, ethnic fashion, backstrap weaving, and business management. She has taught for many years in various design institutions in Peru, offering conferences, seminaries, and workshops on design, artisanal knitting, trends, and social and cultural development through textiles. With the Peruvian government she has carried out work in sustainable textile and social development with multiple communities of the Andes, Amazon, and coastal region. She is the founder of APDETP (Peruvian Association of Designers Specializing in Knit) and of project NOABO.