My love for textiles awakened watching my parents dedicate their life to it.

My artisan teacher was always my mother, she was the one who taught, corrected, and accompanied me in my journey of learning this marvelous art. My motivation is to help, from my station, to conserve ancestral textile techniques.  I grew up with the incorrect idea that artisans were inferior people because their work was not of value to the youth of our community. This made me ashamed, but with little effort I have learned the value of this identity. My mother and father joined to make me a woolen blanket using a reserved and guarded technique. Years ago, my grandparents made a blanket similar for my mother. This gift is full of significance and value for me, here in this garment I have the hands and hearts of my parents. Someday I will create a similar blanket with the same ancestral techniques and leave the traces of my hands to the next generation.

Celeste is an independent weaver from Jujuy, Argentina. She is the daughter of artisans and is learning the textile techniques that her mother and father know, these include work in waist loom, pedal loom, embroidery and two needle weaving. Its her first Tinkuy.