“Sharing with my colleagues and my children, to transcend generations with my art, [this is my dream]. I have always liked to share my textiles and what I know.[In Tinkuy] I´ll share the traditional textiles I make and show my work.

[We] always learn from generation to generation, my father and mother always knew how to weave and I’ve known since I was 12 years old. My children are already weaving as well because I am teaching them.

Before I didn’t know how to do fine weaving on the backstrap loom, I always wove thick pallay [designs] with yarn. Before I made thick blankets, not like I am weaving now, and [before] it was easier to lift the threads because they were thick. It was hard to learn to weave with finer thread, but practicing little by little I was able to learn.”

Pedro Chicche Gutiérrez is a weaver and knitter with the association Centro de Tejedores Inka Pallay de Chahuaytire in the community of Chahuaytire, Perú. This will be the third Tinkuy that Cirilo participates in as a representative of his community and as a representative of the Centro de Textiles Tradicionales del Cusco.