“…I didn’t dream of being a weaver, I didn’t have that experience [as a child], but after seeing what elders wove I said ‘I’d like to weave.’ The first days or the first months I faced a lot of obstacles to learning, seeing it I thought it was going to be kind of easy, but when you pick up the loom itself it’s hard, and following what you go along learning that is when you really learn.

I like to weave so that our customs and traditions aren’t lost, our clothing more than anything, the clothing that we use and that of our ancestors. We always dream to have our textiles and that the value of textiles not be lost.

My dream is to teach my children to follow in my footsteps to continue weaving, so that it is not lost, so that it doesn’t just end with me, but also that my children pass it on to other generations.”

Cirilo Yucra Mamani is a weaver and knitter with the association Centro de Tejedores Inka Pallay de Chahuaytire in the community of Chahuaytire, Perú. This will be the third Tinkuy that Cirilo participates in as a representative of his community and as a representative of the Centro de Textiles Tradicionales del Cusco.


Cirilo Yucra Mamani and fellow weaver Jose Sutta