Individuals of Tinkuy 2017: Cirilo Yucra Mamani

“…I didn’t dream of being a weaver, I didn’t have that experience [as a child], but after seeing what elders wove I said ‘I’d like to weave.’ The first days or the first months I faced a lot of obstacles to learning, seeing it I thought it was going to be kind of easy, but when you pick up the loom itself it’s hard, and following what you go along learning that is when you really learn.

I like to weave so that our customs and traditions aren’t lost, our clothing more than anything, the clothing that we use and that of our ancestors. We always dream to have our textiles and that the value of textiles not be lost.

My dream is to teach my children to follow in my footsteps to continue weaving, so that it is not lost, so that it doesn’t just end with me, but also that my children pass it on to other generations.”

Cirilo Yucra Mamani is a weaver and knitter with the association Centro de Tejedores Inka Pallay de Chahuaytire in the community of Chahuaytire, Perú. This will be the third Tinkuy that Cirilo participates in as a representative of his community and as a representative of the Centro de Textiles Tradicionales del Cusco.


Cirilo Yucra Mamani and fellow weaver Jose Sutta

Individuals of Tinkuy 2017: Mabel Garcia

 “The obstacles [I face as a textile artist] have not been too great as I keep growing as an artist. More than anything they’re economic, as it’s very difficult to find people who appreciate the value of an artisan. It’s because of this that I have never been able to live off of my work as a textile artist. It’s because of this that I’ve found it difficult to attend other gatherings because of the costs that they entail.

I’ve not participated before, this will be my first time in Tinkuy. The best thing about these gatherings is the exchange. The shared personal experiences that enrich us. Participating in this Tinkuy as a weaver will fulfill my dream. Since I began my textile studies I’ve dreamed of traveling to Cusco, seeing Machu Picchu and weaving there. God willing, in November I’ll fulfill my dream and afterward I’ll continue tangling myself in warps to create the best of me and of them.

I’ve studied textiles professionally, archeological cloths, braids, etc in the Escuela Taller de Arte y Artesanías Folclóricos de Morón, Bs As, Argentina. I also greatly enjoy investigating warps and in this I’ve achieved amazing results, including brocade in the double cloth technique which I would like to share on this occasion [in Tinkuy 2017].”

Mabel Garcia is a guest textile artist who has extensively studied traditional Argentinian textiles and who directs a workshop in a traditional center in El Rodeo, Argentina. During Tinkuy 2017 Mabel will present on a panel along with other guest textile artists.


Brocaded double cloth


Individuals of Tinkuy 2017: Luzmila Zambrano


“The Otavalo ‘Otavalango’ Museum of the Kichwa People was born on the 10th of January in 2011, thanks to the enthusiasm and enterprising initiative of the very children of this place, Kichwa men and women from the countryside and the city, decedents of the old factory workers and different communities. We began to shape a dream that seemed impossible as it was to recover from negligence and oblivion this historic patrimony that for so long had been forgotten.

And this was how, for the first time in history, a group of Otavalo Kichwa people, we became owners of this icon that is Patrimony of Ecuador. Due to this we are now guardians of this architectural, historic, and cultural patrimony called the Museo Otavalango.”

Luzmila Zambrano is the director of the Museo del Pueblo Kichwa de Otavalo “Otavalango” in Otavalo, Ecuador where she works to promote the traditional customs and clothing of the indigenous men and women who’s ancestors where exploited for over 200 years in the very factory that is now their cultural center and museum. During Tinkuy 2017 Luzmila will present during a panel concerning museums on Nov 10th, 12:00 – 1:00 pm in the Ollantaytambo conference room. Learn more about the incredible work of the Living Museum of Otavalango at their website:

Individuals of Tinkuy 2017: Get to Know the Guest Textile Artists, Speakers and Participants


Every week between now and Tinkuy we will highlight one of the many unique individuals coming to Tinkuy 2017 this November. Get a brief insight into their work now before meeting them in person during Tinkuy! Stay tuned for future posts!